Linda Russell Animal Art Gallery

Meet Our Very Own Artist!

Linda Russell found an outlet to express her creativity several years ago after taking classes at the Art School at Laguna Gloria in Austin, TX. She took up pastels and has turned her passion into a hobby that has led her work to be displayed at the Old Pecan Street Festivals and local municipal golf course clubhouses. She also showcases her artwork as well as her handmade, unique jewelry pieces at the dental office gallery.

When you visit our art gallery, you will never have a boring wait at the dental office as you look through the unique artwork and jewelry throughout the area.

If you wish to see more artworks by Linda Russell, we encourage you to visit our art gallery when you come in for your appointment at our dental office. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiry or clarification. We have helpful staff members who will gladly give you the information you need.

all of Linda's beautiful artwork and jewelry is available for purchase

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