Crowns and Bridges

Two of the most common types of dental restorations are crowns and bridges. Crowns are often an excellent choice to repair a tooth that can’t be fixed with a filling, and bridges are a great way to replace one or more missing teeth. Both of these types of restorations are tried-and-true methods to repair and/or replace teeth, which is why Dr. Russell is pleased to provide both crowns and bridges to his patients from throughout the Austin, TX, area.

What You Should Know About Crowns

A crown (also referred to as a “cap”) is a restoration that is designed to cover the entire surface of a tooth, all the way down to the gum line. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including all-ceramic, porcelain, metal, and gold. If a tooth is very badly decayed, or if the existing filling of a tooth needs to be replaced, Dr. Russell may recommend a crown. This is often an excellent choice when the structure of the remaining natural tooth isn’t strong enough to hold another filling. Crowns are also often used to provide protection for a tooth that has undergone a root canal. One other common use for crowns are as replacement teeth in dental bridges.

What You Should Know About Bridges

If you are missing even a single tooth, it’s important that you replace it as soon as possible. If you don’t, your other teeth will shift in place to fill in the gap left behind by the missing tooth. That can lead to a variety of other problems. One very effective way to replace one or more missing teeth is with a dental bridge. This dental appliance is made of one or more porcelain teeth stacked side by side onto a metal frame with crowns at each end which are supported by the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. The frame has brackets on each end that attach to the patient’s existing natural teeth. Because the porcelain crowns are made to very closely match the shade of the patient’s other teeth, bridges are virtually undetectable by other people.

Accepting New Patients

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