Cleanings and Exams

Dr. Russell wants to remind all of his patients from throughout the Austin, TX, area that it takes more than simply brushing and flossing at home to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. While there’s no doubt that we should all be brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, the whole family also needs to visit the dentist on a regular basis for professional cleanings and exams. The truth is that no matter how diligent you are about your at-home oral hygiene routine, you’ll never be able to remove all the plaque and tartar buildup that accumulates on your tooth surface over time. But there are other important reasons to visit our office at least twice a year for regular cleanings and exams.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer may sound frightening, but it’s usually very treatable if it’s caught in the early stages. Often, the early signs of this disease are difficult if not impossible to detect on your own. As part of your routine visits for cleanings and exams, Dr. Russell will perform an oral cancer screening.

Periodontal Care

Enjoying good oral health is much more than simply being cavity-free. Your gums need to be healthy as well. Unfortunately, gum disease is an all-too-common issue for people from throughout the U.S. But this condition is also very treatable as long as it’s caught early on. Checking for periodontal disease is another important part of your oral exam.

What’s Involved in Cleanings and Exams

Every dental patient is different, and that means the exact procedures that you’ll need during your professional cleaning and exam will depend on your current oral health and your own individual needs. But most people can expect the following during your routine visit to our office:
  • Dr. Russell will visually examine your teeth, gums, and existing dental work
  • You’ll receive an oral cancer screening, when needed
  • We’ll take X-rays, when needed
  • Our hygienist may measure the depth of gum pockets around your teeth to assess your gum health
  • Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished

Dear patients and friends,

I have come to a difficult decision to step away from my dental practice after 30 years in Austin and 41 total years of practicing dentistry. I have enjoyed getting to know and treat every one of you making this decision even more difficult. Retirement will open new opportunities for me and my wife Linda, and we wish every patient the best going forward.

Our website has a form for requesting copies of your treatment records, as well as radiographs which you can print, complete, and either mail or email back to me. I will mail or email those copies to you or to your choice of dental offices within 15 days of receipt of the completed request for a nominal fee of $25. I am required by the State Board of Dental Examiners to maintain patient records for 5 years after the last dental visit on record before disposing of them.

Merrill Russell, DDS

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