Retirement Announcement

Retirement Announcement


Merrill W. Russell, DDS, PA

2915 Medical Arts Street

Austin, Texas 78705


March 30, 2022
Dear patients and friends,
I have come to a difficult decision to step away from my dental practice after 30 years in Austin and 41 total years of practicing dentistry. I have enjoyed getting to know and treat every one of you, making this decision even more difficult. Retirement will open new opportunities for me and my wife Linda and we wish every patient the best going forward.
Our website has a form for requesting copies of your treatment records as well as radiographs which you can print, complete, and either mail or email back to me. I will mail or email those copies to you or to your choice of dental offices within 15 days of receipt of the completed request for a nominal fee of $25. I am required by the State Board of Dental Examiners to maintain patient records for 5 years after the last dental visit on record before disposing of them.

I have been asked about recommending other dentists and my answer has always been to ask friends and coworkers you trust about their dentists, but I do recommend Dr. Ricardo Garcia – a classmate of mine who has worked on me.  His office is centrally located at 6633 East Highway 290, suite 206 on the frontage road just east of Cameron Road.  His telephone number 512-451-1182.

Merrill Russell, DDS
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